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Billy Mahaney Memorial Scholarship

This Scholarship is intended and directed to graduating students who quietly, or otherwise reach out to others in need, or those who may be struggling in a wide variety of areas.   These can be classmates, friends, siblings, elders, parents, or other.  The spirit of genuine caring and putting ones own time toward the betterment of another will leave a life long impact.  Criteria also includes your Catholic Faith, and your participation in your Catholic Faith,  grades, extracurricular activities, charity, patriotism, family, your continuing career/education plans, and what differences in today's world you feel can be made.  (download below)

Billy Mahaney was taken by God suddenly, on April 8th 2013.   Billy's cause of death was related directly to a totally undetectable heart condition (Hypoplasia of the right coronary artery) or HCAD.   While this tragic event stunned many fellow students, counselors, teachers, and friends in the local area, it also caused a surprising response as well.   While Billy's personality was very quiet, and reserved as noted by anyone who knew him.  However following his death, many students at Yorkville High School, and several teachers came forward and related how Billy had been working with various friends, and students; tutoring, assisting, and helping them during study (Access) periods, after school at the library, and on-line.  He also befriended several others, who otherwise where disengaged in extracurricular activities at YHS, and encouraged them to join Art Club, Robotics Club, and other activities that he also enjoyed. 

To apply for this scholarship please download the information packet, and application below.  Then complete the forms and essay's, and return email to

if you have questions please call 630-708-0330

Deadline for submitting complete application is printed on the document please download from this page.

The application download below is a PDF document that you can fill out using your PC once you save the file to your PC/hard drive.  Then open the PDF on your computer using Adobe Reader and fill in the form.  Then save the form on your hard drive, then email to .  If you have problems trying to edit the PDF then using the old fashioned pen/pencil will work.    The scholarship winner will be notified and award arrangements will be made.

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