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For those in need of Help this season for Thanksgiving meals, or Holiday presents, meals please see the following Charity Organizations (programs will vary):

1.   DEPT. OF HUMAN SERVICES- LINK CARD/ FOOD STAMPS (SNAP)…apply at DHS, 361 W Old Indian Trail, Aurora, 630-844-7400

2.   WIC (Women, Infants, and Children)…apply at Kendall Co Health Dept, 811 John St Yorkville, 630-553-9100, nutritional supplement for pregnant women and infants and children up to age 5 residing in Kendall Co.

3.   KENDALL COUNTY FOOD PANTRY…208 Beaver St, Yorkville, 630-553-0473, food distribution on Thursdays, 12-2pm seniors and disabled, 2-6pm general, bring ID, proof address, proof of dependent children

4.   ST. MARY’S PLANO FOOD PANTRY…monthly distribution of food run by St. Mary’s volunteers at PH Miller School , (904 N. Lew St, Plano), under direction of Kendall County Community Food Pantry. 2nd Friday of every month. Will need to register. Accepting clients from Kendall, DeKalb and LaSalle counties.

5.   GREEN HARVEST FOOD PANTRY…25448 Ruff St. Plainfield, 630-416-1109

6.   HARVIST BAPTIST CHURCH…5315 Douglas Rd Oswego, 630-554-3858, 4th Fridays 1-3pm, be there at 1pm.

7.   SALVATION ARMY…437 E. Galena Blvd Aurora, 630-897-7265, Tues/Thurs 10-12pm, proof of address, ID, Kendall Co residents ok

8.   HELMAR LUTHERAN FOOD PANTRY…11935 Lisbon Rd. Newark, 815-210-0985, 2nd Fri 5-7pm, 4th Monday 3-5pm

9.   THE STORE AT HARVEST CHAPEL…725 S. County Line Rd. Sandwich, 815-786-8669, 2nd and 4th Saturday 9-11 am.

10.  MARIE WILKINSON FOOD PANTRY…WEST SIDE: 834 N Highland, Aurora, 630-897-5431, Seniors, Disabled & Veterans Wed 1-2 pm; General Public Fri 1:30-4pm

11.  MARIE WILKINSON FOOD PANTRY…EAST SIDE 901 E Galena Blvd (cnr Galena Blvd & Smith Blvd) General Public Saturdays 9:30-11:00 am.

12.  AURORA INTERFAITH FOOD PANTRY… 1110 Jericho Rd. Aurora, 630-8997-2127. Mon,Tues,Thurs  10 am- 2 pm. May visit once per week.Need ID & utility bill

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