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Holiday Charity Turkey & Toy Drive

Applications are being accepted for Thanksgiving Meals - Until Nov 15th

Vern Wittie Turkey Drive:  
Before Thanksgiving only



Toy Drive:      During Christmas Season


Families can get help around Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Gifts, coats, and other assistance is offered to struggling families, seniors, and children who apply on time. We provide a Holiday Help Registration for those in Kendall County IL., which allows those in need to apply for these services.


A special focus is on families with children, and they should never go without during a holiday period, even if their parents are struggling.  Each year our Council of the Knights of Columbus provides:

Thanksgiving: Fresh Turkeys, are delivered to area Charity locations.   For those in need of help for Holiday meals please see locations of local organizations and resources.

Christmas Season: Toys for the kids, gifts, coats, hats, gloves, clothes, toiletries.

During  the Christmas season those in need can apply for gift assistance which include the above listed items.  We serve the Kendall County area only, and through the help of many volunteers we insure that those applying are actually in need. 

Please look for our Toy Boxes in many Yorkville area businesses, and locations to donate new toys, and items to help those in need.  Toy Boxes also have "Donation Tags" which list specific needs for various families who have applied.  You can take one of these Donation Tags, and provide exactly what the listed family needs. Our donation boxes are shown in the slideshow (to the right).  Please ONLY donate new items, used items cannot be donated.  For donating used items please contact the Good Will Organization also in Yorkville.

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